Anonymous asked: you seriously have the cutest baby ever.

My most favorite thing to hear! :) Thank you so much <3

Here’s some more pictures! :) my gorgeous dude.

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My little booger is finally a year old! He started walking just before he hit 13 months. So proud of my little guy. :) So much has gone on since I last posted, I mean holy moly I haven’t posted on here in 6 months! My hubby and I were living in Las Vegas the last time I posted.. and about 2 months ago we were kind of forced to move up to Reno to live with my parents. I had an amazing fantastic job working for, but it didn’t pay enough and my hubs couldn’t find a job before his unemployment ran out. Fortunately within the month, he found a job here in Reno and living with my parents is giving me the opportunity to be a stay at home mom until I feel comfy enough to either A. let someone watch Dustin or B. put him into daycare. We aren’t staying in Reno, but we have a plan! Pay off my car, get some work experience (for the hubs) and possibly go to school if we can. Hopefully we can live here to do all that.. living with parents is NOT fun. Anyways, that’s my update! Hope everyone is doing fantastical :)

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Anonymous asked: Are you still in Vegas?! I'm here for a week... LiveJournal meetup!

I am, but who is this? Haha

My little monkey is going to be 6 months old in a week! I cant believe how fast it goes by! <3 He is my world.

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seems to be feeling better.. poor little guy. 😢sicky on his five month birthday! hehe

seems to be feeling better.. poor little guy. 😢sicky on his five month birthday! hehe

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